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The AXIR/O is an outdoor column speaker with a power rating of 120 Watt which is especially designed for outdoor use lending itself to a wide variety of open-air applications where audibility of music and speech is important. It features two speaker sections, each of them consisting of six 2” high quality broadband loudspeakers providing an extraordinary sound and surprisingly high power. A 100 Volt multi-tapping line transformer allows the connection of the loudspeaker in large PA systems with a power rating selectable between 40 Watt, 20 Watt and 10 Watt. A fourth selection for connection in low impedance audio systems is provided too. To guarantee the optimal performance and long term reliability in outdoor circumstances, various specific features are provided. The connection of the loudspeaker is performed using a waterproof rotatable AWX-5 connector whereby the desired power tap can be selected depending on the rotation of the connector. Secondly, the 12 drivers receive a special coating to protect them from the elements while an acoustically transparent and water-repellent cloth in front of each driver keeps penetrating water at a safe distance. Further added reliability is achieved by using an aluminum front grill and an electroplated stainless steel mounting bracket. Together, these improvements result in a weatherproof IP55 column speaker of exceptional quality and design! The included mounting bracket allows the speaker to be focused into any direction to obtain the best possible audibility. Available in white (AXIR/OW) and black (AXIR/OB).

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