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AUDAC SCP224 2x240W@4OHM - 480W@70/100V jaudas pastiprinātājs

The SCP series is a range of extremely powerful compact dual-channel power amplifiers for commercial use. These half 19” devices can be used in stereo low impedance or 70/100V bridge mode. There are 3 different models to serve a wide range of applications with power ratings that vary between 240W up to 600W in a half 19” rack space housing.

The compact and elegant design of the half 19” rack space enclosure allows for single installation in a 10.5” equipment rack, or side-by-side (two devices) in a 19” equipment rack. Of course, desktop installation or mounting in an equipment rack using the MBS310 series mounting adapters is possible.

You may wonder if so much power in such a small enclosure could cause some heating issues? Not at all, the SCP series is designed in a unique way so that optimal cooling is established, this by active cooling on the SCP224 and SCP230 in order to improve thermal comfort without the need for additional actions.

A connection to the WP2xx series input wall panels or volume controllers can be made via the RJ45 connector on the back of the SCP. This allows for a cost-effective plug & play solution to extend or introduce brand new input possibilities and control options.

Equipped with a standby mode switch, the SCP series will enter an energy-saving standby mode after a period of inactivity making him unique in the market. This feature together with the overall energy-efficient design makes the SCP meet the high standards of the Energy Star certification.

When you combine the SCP series with a suitable pre-amplifier or wall-mounted input panel you create a relatively powerful and complete solution for background music installations.

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