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MinuitUne IVL Photon

–  The fail-safe 360° scanning system, ensuring a constant very high frequency of rotation (>330Hz), produced a  360° light plan from the center to the 8 tilts.

–  The 8 surrounding tilts split the light into 8 independent light plans adjustable at 180° with 2 sides by tilt: mirror side and frost side. Thanks to advanced motorization, the tilts are extremely reactive, while extremely smooth at very low speed.

–  The moving core is the circular frosted reflector, located in the center of the product, that goes in and out, just like a zoom. A breakthrough innovation specially developed by Minuit Une for the IVL Photon.



Frost side of the 8 tilts

 The decorative output

  • A very smooth diffused output
  • Adjustable at 180° – wide coverage
  • From frost to mirror in 0,25sec
  • 4 000 lux at the exit
  • DMX control: tilt parameters on the console
  • ON for tilt values between 0% to 50%

Mirror side of the 8 tilts

The immersive output

  • Wide coverage & directive perspectives
  • 45° aperture by tilt
  • Calibrated for immersion in 500 to 5000 people venues
  • DMX control: tilt parameters on the console
  • ON  for tilt values between 50% and 100%

Moving Core

 The creative punch

  • A concentrated and directive frosted output with a variable diameter of diffusion
  • Create a powerful ring of light from an audience perspective
  • 20 000 lux at the exit
  • DMX control: zoom parameter on the console
  • OFF for zoom values between 0% to 30%
  • ON for zoom values between 30% to 100%.


Easy to deploy and maintain

  • class 3R
  • adjustable york
  • 16 kg
  • 48cm diameter
  • <200W consumption
  • 60 DMX channels
  • LCD color screen
  • RDM
  • micro-SD card (software update)
  • low cleaning
  • very reliable
  • long lifetime  >10 000 hours
  • easy to repair (modular conception)

Class 3R

  • IVL Photon is a laser-based lighting as safe as LED: it can be used in unsupervised areas according to the international standard (IEC 60825-3), without permits or specific training, and also variance-free in the USA.

Modular conception 

The IVL Photon has been designed with a modular conception: the fixture is subdivided into smaller parts, the modules, which can be independently replaced. Each module is designed to be “plug & play” when replaced.

  • Save time: most of the repair operations are very fast, safe and easy. Replace the old module with the new one in less than 10 minutes.
  • Increase the lifetime of your fixture: the easier it is to repair, the more sustainable it is.
  • Save cost: instead of having spare fixtures with you (on tour for instance), bring the module suitcase with you.

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