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Product ID:DA8524610414
○ LSW-5™ 500W White Laser Source
○ 120.000 lx @ 100 m light output
○ 0.4° – 8.5° zoom range
○ Iris, Frost, Static gobo wheel, Rotating Gobo wheel
○ Continuous PAN

The time has come to make outdoor lighting statements like never before. Now you can not only reach the sky, you can dominate it with the ultra-powerful Robe iBOLT™!

With incisive solid, flat field beams, shapes and effects, the sky is your canvas with this phosphor-laser sourced luminaire. Highly and actively protected to operate in all environments, iBOLT™ projections are visible from kilometres away. Such brilliance demands attention!

Generating such incredible power, the perfectly safe LSW-5™ engine, with its white 500W Phosphor Laser source, emits an incoherent beam light with an intensity of 120.000 lux @ 100 m. With such remarkable output, iBOLT™ ensures ultimate contrast with the night sky for maximum impact.

With a large 300mm front leans creating such presence, the optics deliver ultimate, incisive beam definition. iBOLT™ has a zoom ratio of 21:1 with a zoom range of 0.4° – 8.5°, guaranteeing the creation of spell-binding aerial shafts of light.

To maximise colour options, iBOLT™ features a CMY colour mixing system and a colour wheel containing 13 dichroic colours. With the onboard DataSwatch™ colour library containing 66 pre-programmed colours, including the most common whites, you have the tools to cover everything from the dense saturates to the most refined pastel tones.

Far beyond the capabilities of a traditional searchlight, iBOLT™ offers an expansive effects suite, boasting static and rotating gobo wheels along with beam reducers tailored for in-air effects. Particularly remarkable is our proprietary SpecktraBeam™ effects engine, a patented innovation that delivers a truly transformative lighting experience.Combined with the comprehensive iBOLT™ effects package, you‘ll find gobo wheels and our patented MLP™ stackable multi-level prisms, which enable independent speed and direction control.

To swirl around the sky iBOLT™ features a 540° pan indexing range that can be easily switched to a continuous PAN rotation unlocking a plethora of effects previously deemed unattainable.

The MAPS™ Motionless Absolute Positioning System removes the need for pre-use pan and tilt calibration movement. EMS™ Electronic Motion Stabilizer technology negates fixture hysteresis and enables instant stopping, removing irritating beam shake often associated with larger fixtures, giving total control of your skyward projections.

Ensuring operation in all environments, iBOLT™ contains the most advanced, patented IP65 protection available. At the heart of the protection is RAINS™ Robe Automatic Ingress Protection System. This highly advanced patented technology not only prevents ingress, it actively manages the fixture‘s internal microclimate, removing internal moisture build-up caused by constant heating and cooling to provide maximum protection for electronics.

The luminaire runs an ingenious Self Pressure Test to check internal pressure. Requiring no special tools and taking under 3 minutes, the test provides an error message where gaskets and covers were not replaced correctly or locking screws incorrectly tightened, ensuring maximum protection.

For operation in extreme cold, the iBOLT™ contains our innovative POLAR+™ technology. When activated, POLAR+™ will automatically maintain an internal temperature level, allowing instant operability down to minus 50 degrees centigrade!

With such power, the intense light levels of iBOLT™ require additional safety measures. Our patented, constantly scanning ScanGuard™ system instantly reduces fixture output if someone gets within an unsafe viewing distance.

Ideally suited for remote outdoor installations, REAP™ Robe Ethernet Access Portal communication software, viewed as a web browser, shows realtime fixture monitoring of all parameters, including complete RAINS™ status information such as pressure and internal saturation levels.

By including NFC Near-Field Communication technology, you can access setup, diagnostic and performance features, even without power, directly from your mobile device using the Robe Com app.


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