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Product ID:3681
○ 600x390mm rectangle stage truss
○ 1.0m-4m length
○ 10.40kg-31.07kg weight
○ 50×3 mm pipe diameter
○ Aluminium EN AW-6082 T6 material

System 600 is made of 50x3mm or 50x4mm pipe and 30x2mm braces.

It has a socket SZ02.02. Quadrosystem 390×600 is the largest truss system by Alustage and is available with a pipe wall thickness of 3mm (HD3) and on special order with a wall thickness of 4mm (HD4). This product has been designed for use wherever increased strength is required and the size of the roof envelope exceeds 12x12m. This system is also successfully used as a lighting beam enabling the transport of headlights without dismantling them. The quality of each truss is at the highest level, which is confirmed by the TÜV certificate held by our company and the ISO DIN 4113 standard, and each element is subjected to a thorough inspection.


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