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Product ID:268428
○ SourceCon™ internet radio player module
○ Over 30.000 radio channel database
○ MP3, WMA and AAC filetype support
○ Low 1.5w power consumption
○ Compatible with MFA series and XMP44

The IMP40 is a professional internet radio player featuring SourceCon™ modular technology. This unique technology guarantees true plug & play implementation to any compatible device. When inserted into a supporting slot, the module is instantly installed, discovered and ready for operation without requiring any additional internal wiring or complex configuration. The IMP40 features the unique Linum™ technology which eliminates any unwanted behaviour such as sudden channel hopping or music stops. When the connection is interrupted, automatic switching to inserted media carriers (USB drives) avoids unpleasant silences in background music applications. The audio stream will be automatically and seamlessly restored afterwards. It synchronizes with the vTuner database which contains over 30.000 channels, allowing selection on different criteria such as genre, location, and language, … while custom streams can also be added to a preference list of up to 100 entries. The input connection is implemented by an RJ45 type connector with indicator LEDs on its panel, allowing connection to any Ethernet network. The balanced stereo line output is connected through two 3-pin terminal block connections.


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