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Product ID:986521
○ Rack mounting set for half rackspace devices
○ Compatible with 19″ or 10.5″ racks
○ 1U rack unit space
○ Compatible with MFA, COM and AMP series
○ Mounting screws and couplers included

The MBS310 rack mounting set is designed to safely and effectively mount half rackspace devices into 19” or 10.5” racks.

The flowing configurations are possible with this set:

  • One half rackspace device in to a 19” rack (1 HE)
  • Two half rackspace devices in to a 19” rack (1 HE)
  • One half rackspace device in to a 10.5” rack (1 HE)

The set contains:

  • 1 x single mounting ear
  • 2 x double mounting ears
  • 2 x couplers
  • 8 x screws M4 x 6mm



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