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Product ID:1182438
○ Passive surface-mounted loudspeaker
○ 10w RMS and 40w peak power
○ 106 dB max SPL
○ 100 Hz – 15 kHz frequency response
○ Integrated rotary volume controller (only NELO706V)

The NELO706 surface-mount loudspeakers allow installation to any wall or ceiling where functional and cost-efficient reproduction for music & speech is required. It features a 6.5” broadband loudspeaker with a continuous power handling of 10 Watt (RMS) and is fitted with a line transformer for use in 70V/100V public address systems with power tappings for 6W and 3W. The housing is minimalistic and elegant designed with a very narrow border and a finely perforated steel grill on the front. Connections are made through SnapConnect™ terminals, offering a faster, more reliable and safer choice for fixed installations. The NELO706 are available in various models with (NELO706V) and without (NELO706) individual volume controller on its side while being available in two different colors (Black /B & White /W) to blend in with any residential, commercial or industrial environment.


  • NELO706/B – Black version without volume controller
  • NELO706/W – White version without volume controller
  • NELO706V/B – Black version with volume controller
  • NELO706V/W – White version with volume controller



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