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Product ID:7659
○ SourceCon™ Network audio player module
○ Spotify Connect and Soundtrack Your Brand© support
○ 3-pin Euro Terminal Block outputs
○ Low 2.5w power consumption
○ Compatible with MFA series and XMP44

The NMP40 SourceCon™ Network audio player module enables the possibility to stream audio files from a personal computer or mobile device directly to a professional audio system while maintaining the best available sound quality.

Compatible with various streaming technologies like Spotify Connect and Soundtrack Your Brand© you can stream music straight to your professional sound system directly from the cloud while using only your computer or mobile device as a controller. This avoids any unwanted interruptions and maintains higher sample rates, so you can also set the right ambient in all types of public places (Always check with your local license regulations).


*The NMP40 is not compatible with older versions of AUDAC Touch™, please keep our application up-to-date.


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