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Attēlam ir ilustratīva nozīme, prece var atšķirties.

Product ID:24851
○ 49 keys
○ 12 polyphony levels
○ 100 built-in tones
○ 100 built in rhytms/patterns
○ 50 built-in songs

50 Song Bank tunes built-in!

50 Song Bank tunes carefully selected to make keyboard play more fun comes with song book*

*Due to copyright restrictions, some tunes may not be included in the song book.

Melody on/off Lesson function
Melody on/off feature lets you turn off the melody of Song Bank tunes and play along on the keyboard.

Easy-to-read display (LCD)
LCD monitor screen displays a wealth of useful information!

Features help you sound your best!
49 full-size keys that are virtually the same size of acoustic piano keys
100 quality tones
100 versatile rhythms with auto-accompaniment


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