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MagicDMX Basic
Product ID:6846
○ 1 universe DMX output
○ 3-pin female XLR
○ USB connector
○ 5 hour session limit
○ Basic electrical protection

Aimed at users wishing to evaluate and learn MagicQ, technicians wishing to test fixtures, as well as students wishing to learn lighting.

MagicDMX Basic supports output of a full DMX universe via a 3 pin female XLR connector.

MagicDMX Basic is time limited to 5 hours continuous usage. After this time it is necessary to replug the device and to restart the MagicQ software.

*One Universe DMX output
*3 pin female XLR
*USB connector.
*Max session 5 hrs
*Basic electrical protection
*LED status indicator
Note MagicDMX does not unlock ‘demo mode’ features.


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