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MagicDMX Full Test Kit
Product ID:5876545
○ MagicQ DMX Full interface with 5-pin female XLR
○ 5-pin male XLR to 5-pin male XLR (gender reverser)
○ 5-pin male XLR to 3-pin female XLR
○ 3-pin male XLR to 5-pin female XLR
○ Two MagicQ USB sticks

Complete DMX test kit including a MagicDMX Full interface together with XLR adapters and MagicQ USB sticks.

MagicDMX Full is not time limited and can be used continuously. The adapters enable DMX output on 5 pin XLR or 3 pin XLR and DMX input on 5 pin XLR or 3 pin XLR.

The MagicQ USB sticks have been proven to work with all current MagicQ consoles.

Kit Contents

*MagicQ DMX Full interface with 5 pin female XLR
*5 pin male XLR to 5 pin male XLR (gender reverser)
*5 pin male XLR to 3 pin female XLR
*3 pin male XLR to 5 pin female XLR
*Two MagicQ USB sticks
*Handy ChamSys case


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