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MagicQ Compact Mini Connect
Product ID:921211
○ 64 universes
○ 1 Direct DMX output
○ 10 Fader Playbacks
○ 1 Network port
○ USB-C powered

Highly portable USB-powered control surface that couples physical playback with the power of MagicQ software.

Attached to a Windows, macOS or Linux system running MagicQ software, the Compact Mini Connect turns your computer into a powerful lighting, media and LED control center. Live show controls include 10 playback faders, Flash, Go and Select buttons, and a dedicated Grand Master fader.

The Compact Mini Connect is ideal for theatres, venues, clubs and installations. With 1 direct DMX512 output and an onboard network port that sends up to 64 universes of ArtNet and sACN, the Compact Mini Connect is also capable of commanding large shows as well as offering a cost-effective backup solution for users of larger MagicQ consoles.


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