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QuickQ 20
Product ID:14611
○ 2 universes
○ 2 direct DMX outputs
○ 20 Multi-function faders
○ 10 Master Playback faders
○ Built-in 9.7″ Multi-Touch display

*Modelled on smartphone icon interfaces for ease of use
*Intuitive interface allowing simple control of all fixture attributes
*The interface supports gestures such pinch zoom and scrolling
*Easily connect to the remote app on iOS & Android devices via inbuilt Wi-Fi

Playback Faders:
*20 multi-function fixture faders with 3 different modes – Fixture, Group and Cue
*10 multi-cue Playback faders, which are legended on screen
*The console features a dedicated Grand Master fader for overall level control

Colour Control:
*A dedicated “colour control area” with Hue and Saturation encoders
*Select from inbuilt palettes and gel libraries using the touch screen
*Built in colour picker for use with LED fixtures

*QuickQ supports output of DMX over network via ArtNet/sACN/Pathport
*Remote triggering of Playbacks and Execute items via OSC

*Offline editor available for both Windows and Mac
*Regular software updates
*Easy Upgrades
*Automated Patching
*HSV Color Mixing
*Color Picker
*Built-in FX
*Chase Support
*Master Cue Stack
*Execute Window
*Audio Triggering
*Tap to Time


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