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Attēlam ir ilustratīva nozīme, prece var atšķirties.

Roadboy 65
Product ID:7446
○ Dimensions 30 cm x 22 cm and weighting only 5 kg
○ 110db max sound pressure
○ 6.5″ low/mid driver
○ Ferrite woofer magnet
○ Class D amplifier with 25w RMS and 100w peak power

Portable PA Loudspeaker

The compact, flexible sound system for small events, conferences, multimedia applications, podium discussions, schools, churches, etc.

The ultra-compact battery-powered combo amplifier, measuring 30 cm x 22 cm and weighting only 5 kg, provides an impressive sound pressure level of 110 dB max. Despite its small format, this mobile all-in-one speaker box provides great audibility and is equipped with unique features.