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Product ID:87235
○ 34.000 lm, 85.000 lx @ 5m
○ 5.5° – 50° zoom range
○ Framing shutters, Cpulse™ – Flicker Free Management
○ Colour temperature: 6.700K

ESPRITE Profile is now available in a Follow Spot version to seamlessly integrate into the award-winning Robe RoboSpot system.

The ESPRITE FS is equipped with a digital camera, mounted on the head, allowing it to be connected to the Robe RoboSpot Base Station for remote Follow Spot control.

The self-referencing, data capturing TE™ 650W White LED engine, designed, developed and manufactured in our own factory, allows for rapid and economical “Lamp like” exchange to give both fixtures a life well beyond those of non-user replaceable LED sources. Performance has not been compromised with the 27.000 lm output producing a piercing 85.000 lux at 5 m. This is enhanced by our legendary precision optics to produce crystal clear  white light, ideal for Follow Spot applications. The comprehensive feature set is all available on the FS version and includes: Flat field CMY mixing; variable CTO; remotely selectable CRI 70/80/90; two fast colour wheels; one indexable and rotatable gobo wheel; a fixed gobo wheel CTO filters; 6-facet rotating prism; 1° soft edge and 5° wash type frosts; an animation wheel and spectacular multi-colour effects. Quick, accurate, easy framing is provided, if required, via our patented fast framing shutter module with individual blade control and +/-60° rotation capability for extra fine control. ESPRITE Profile by design removes any airflow over the optics, resulting in reduced residue deposits thus extending periods between cleaning.

By including Cpulse™ flicker-free management system for the latest HD and UHD cameras, and our L3™ Low Light Linearity dimming for ultra-smooth fade to black for seamless integration into traditional lighting rigs, you have a feature rich, very high output, long lasting, future proof package ideal for Follow Spot applications in a compact 29.4 kg housing.


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