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LEDWash 300X™
Product ID:913278
○ 19x 15W RGBW LED multichip light source
○ 5.580 lm, 4.895 lx @ 5 m light output
○ 8° – 63° zoom range
○ 3 LED rings, rainbow effect, tungsten lamp effect
○ LED life expectancy: min. 60.000 hours

LEDWash 300X offers great flexibility with superior homogenization of the light source.

Specialized component optics composed of highly efficient elements ensures completely smooth colour mixing and it emphasizes a dynamic array of true colours and hues. This lightweight compact fixture is ideal for all small-to-medium applications, particularly those where space and accessibility is an issue. PowerCON True1 chassis connector has been now added on the back of the fixture‘s base to guarantee a safe power connection. The powerCON TRUE1 connector can be connected or disconnected under load or live.


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