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LEDWash 800X™
Product ID:678261
○ 37x 15 W RGBW multichip light source
○ 9.780 lux @ 5 m / 8.990 lm light output
○ 8° – 63° zoom range
○ 3 LED rings, beam shaper, calibrated whites
○ LED life expectancy: min. 60.000 hours

Robe’s patented system for seamless, even and smooth zoom and output of a new generation RGBW multichip LED technology a step further.

30% brighter LED chips and a Robe‘s patented removable beam shaper module with motorized rotation producing an ovalized beam, which can be precisely positioned on the stage or illuminated object, creates the perfect combination for theatre, TV, car show, exhibition and other professional applications. The fixture has an incredibly wide zoom range starting at 8 degrees and going up to 63 degrees. Many enhanced features include quiet zoom operation, Beam/Wash zoom mode, virtual colour wheel with calibrated whites, RGBW/CMY colour mixing and more. The touch screen navigation display supports many controlling protocols, status data logging, software updates and other features which are standard in the Robe ROBIN series. PowerCON True1 chassis connector has been now added on the back of the fixture‘s base to guarantee a safe power connection. The powerCON TRUE1 connector can be connected or disconnected under load or live.


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