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Attēlam ir ilustratīva nozīme, prece var atšķirties.

Product ID:3298
  • Multiconsoles, multiuser topology
  • Service access through Internet
  • Individual control of AXES
  • Defining GROUPs of AXES
  • Grouping movement patterns in CUEs
  • Grouping CUEs in SEQUENCES
  • Saving/uploading SHOWS to a server or media
  • Safe synchronisation, speed, acceleration, position, load control
  • Extra e-stops, access control, gate sensors, virtual map
  • Safety over industrial network
  • Monitoring of drives, brakes, sensors
  • Monitoring of safety system status
  • Industrial touch screen 18.5”- 21,5”
  • 2x Joystics with „dead man” lock
  • System lock by key, illuminated e-stop
  • Worklights
  • Drawer for keyboard and mouse
  • Stand on wheels, adjustable height, tilt


  • BECKHOFF automation components
  • BECKHOFF industrial PCs
  • EMOTRON frequency drives
  • EMOTRON AFR regenerative drive
  • TRElectronic SIL3 absolute encoders



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